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Ontario Wait Times Strategy

To All CCN Stakeholders:

The cardiac data for the provincial posting is provided by CCN based on our regular monthly statistics. However, you may notice discrepancies between the procedure volumes and wait times as listed on the provincial website, and those published in recent CCN monthly reports. There are a number of reasons for these discrepancies, including (but not limited to):

  • counting non-Ontario cases for cath and PCI but not for CABG
  • excluding non-Ontario cases from wait time calculations
  • excluding cath cases that proceeded to same-sitting PCI from cath wait time calculations
  • excluding same-sitting (ad hoc) PCI cases from PCI wait time calculations
  • collapsing of all urgency categories into a single wait time statistic for each procedure

CCN monthly reports have been refined over many years and include many explanatory footnotes. Unfortunately, the nature of the provincial website precludes the same degree of explanatory detail. It has already been recognized that our reports will require some work over time and this will be attended to as we move towards our new IT system.

Cardiac Wait Times Reports   

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