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How Your Heart Functions

Your heart is at the center of the body's circulatory system that pumps the blood to all your cells and organs bringing essential oxygen and nutrients. It responds to your body's physical needs by increasing or decreasing the heart rate. See more on the basic functions of your heart.

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Cardiac Risks & Facts

Learn more about the risk factors for heart disease.  There are things you can do to decrease your chances of having a heart related problem. 

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Common Cardiac Conditions

This section will explore the more common conditions that affect the heart and its functioning.  These conditions may be the result of changes to the blood vessels, damage to the heart muscle, or disturbances of the hearts electrical system.

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Common Tests for Your Heart

There are several tests that your doctor may order to check the health of your heart.  These tests will be able to determine if further treatment is necessary.

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Procedures & Surgeries

There are tests, interventions, and surgeries that are used diagnose and treat your heart condition. 
This section will explore cardiac procedures and surgeries that may be performed.
Additional videos are available under Patient Education Resources.

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Patient Education Resources

Additional materials on cardiac related issues, lifestyle management, and procedures.

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