Healthcare Providers

CCN works with 18 cardiac care centres in Ontario.
As a healthcare professional making sure your patient receives the best quality cardiac care is top priority. To make this happen we encourage all health care professionals to:

  • Talk to patients about their options for faster treatment
  • Find out about wait times through the web
  • Connect with an RCCC to get current access information
  • Accurately complete referral forms to improve access for your patient

CCN works with Ontario hospitals to:

  1. Ensure that the more urgent your condition, the sooner you will receive care. Your medical information is used to assign priority.
  2. Provide you with education about your condition and support during your wait.
  3. Monitor changes in your condition while you wait.
  4. Inform you of wait times and your options for receiving timely care across the Province.
  5. Maintain quality patient data in the CCN database.
  6. Evaluate and improve quality cardiac care by applying research and best practices.


The following education and information materials are designed to meet the needs of physicians, patients and the public.

For additional copies of these materials, please contact CCN at (416) 512-7472 or by email at

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