CCN's Research and Publications Committee has policies in place to govern the use of CCN data.  Research conducted using CCN data must have scientific integrity, meet privacy and security standards, use CCN resources appropriately and fit within CCN's mandate.

CCN invites members of CCN working groups and other scientists to use CCN data for research, leading to publication or to meet academic requirements.

A list of published articles that use CCN data can be viewed by going to our Publications.


Member Access to CCN Data

The CCN Research Portal provides an electronic bulletin board for researchers to post, update and discuss letters of intent (LOIs) identifying topics for research and, ultimately, publication within cardiology and cardiac surgery, using CCN data to inform the research.  The Portal also provides a data request form to access CCN data.

If you are a member of a CCN working group, you can sign onto the CCN Research Portal in the Member section of the website.

Public Access to CCN Data

CCN's Research and Publications Committee will grant access to the Research Portal to any researcher who is affiliated with:

  • An established research organization
  • A cardiac registry
  • A national or provincial association representing cardiovascular services
  • A funder of cardiac services or related organization

In addition, CCN data must be needed for one of the following research purposes: 

  • To meet the requirements of a masters of PhD thesis or other undergraduate of graduate training.
  • To conduct research sponsored by a grant
  • For scientific enquiry

If you are not a member of a CCN working group, and you would like to submit a confidential letter of intent to conduct research using CCN data, please contact our Research Portal Manager at to request access.


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Committees Support CCN

A number of committees and working groups were developed to aid CCN in its operation of issues relevant to adult cardiac procedures and their management.

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